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Reza Ashrafi

Business Technology Insights, IT Innovations, and Tech Talk

Reza Ashrafi is the IT director for James McElroy and Diehl, PA., a mid-sized law firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is also a technology hobbyist and entrepreneur. As such, Reza is immersed in IT innovations and small business technology issues daily. In this blog, he shares business technology insights as well as commentary related to his personal interests in technology.

Tech Talk and Business Technology Solutions for All

While the topics in this personal technology blog are often covered in some depth, Reza’s goal is to provide useful, accessible information for small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners and managers, techies, and anyone with an interest in the topics discussed.

Small Business Technology Issues and Business Technology Insights

Among other topics, some of the areas covered in the blog include:

  • Applications and integrations for SMBs;
  • Networks and systems;
  • Hardware and software;
  • Storage and virtualization;
  • Cloud services;
  • Security and liability;
  • Databases and privacy; and
  • Hyperconvergence.

A Personal Technology Blog with a Focus on IT Innovations

Reza’s career in IT developed out of an original interest in graphics and animation that has persisted and run parallel with his career in business technology. Among the matters of personal interest covered here, you’ll find discussion of fractal technology and its many uses in various aspects of technology, including the following:  

If you’re interested in the topics and more, read on for tech talk and business technology  insights from an experienced IT director and technology enthusiast.